Elisabethallee 61-63, 1130 Vienna

Medizin am Küniglberg

Dr. Helmuth Huber and Dr. Roland Brandner

General practitioners

We offer all services of a modern general practitioner’s practice – for the whole family.

Dr. Helmuth Huber founded “Medizin am Küniglberg”, located at Elisabethallee 61-63, after he had already worked as a general practitioner for 15 years.

Together with Dr. Roland Brandner, the two general practitioners expanded to a group practice for general medicine in 2013 and a PRIMARY HEALTH CARE in 2022.

Together with other doctors we are in charge off 18 retirement homes and facilities for people with special needs.

Office Hours

Monday till Thursday    9am till 7pm
Friday                               7am till 5pm