Elisabethallee 61-63, 1130 Vienna

Medizin am Küniglberg

Dr. Helmuth Huber

General practitioner

He studied at the Medical University Vienna and graduated in 1990.
Since 1994, Dr. Huber is a general practitioner. He worked as a locum doctor in Vienna and Graz such as for the Emergency Medical Service (Ärztefunkdienst) in Vienna.

In 1996 he opened his first medical practice at Schöpfwerk. Later on, he had a medical practice at Wattmanngasse before he opened “Medizin am Küniglberg” in 2008.

Dr. Huber is married and father of three daughters. He is interested in music, piano and choral music, hiking, skiing, sailing, Tibetology and eastern philosophy.

Emphasis: Family doctor, General practitioner in retirement homes and nursing wards.

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday: 8am-2pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 1pm-7pm
Friday: 7am-1pm