Elisabethallee 61-63, 1130 Vienna

Medizin am Küniglberg

Dr. Roland Brandner

General practitioner

Born on July 20th, 1975 in Lienz

Medical studies from 1994-2002 in Austria, Italy, and Mexico City
Dr. Brandner graduated in 2002.
He is a general practitioner since 2007. He worked at locum doctor at the Austrian Embassy in Brussels and opened a medical practice in Brussels before he moved back to Vienna in 2010.

He completed his specialist medical training for Physical Medicine in 2011 at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH). Since then, he works at the Emergency Medical Service.

Advanced training at the Medical University Vienna from 2011-2013: interdisciplinary pain medicine.

Dr. Brandner is married and has two children. He is interested in traveling, reading, the Belgian cuisine, Italy and hiking.

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday: 8am-2pm
Tuesday, Thursday: 1pm-7pm
Friday: 7am-1pm