Elisabethallee 61-63, 1130 Vienna

Medizin am Küniglberg

Mag. Johanna M. Hübner

Health Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Emergency Psychologist

Main focus:

  • Burnout, burnout prevention
  • States of exhaustion
  • Insomnia, sleep disorders
  • Depression
  • Anxieties, fears, panic attacks
  • Psychosomatic
  • Dealing with pain
  • Relaxation methods
  • Geriatric psychology
  • Mental stress in old age
  • Consultation for relatives (especially for family caregivers)
  • Weight proplems
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Coping with stress, time management

For people with mobility difficulties, visitation is possible (at home, in hospital or in a caregiving institution).


Phone +43 650 862 53 73
Email jh@johanna-huebner.at

Consulting/opening hours

Appointment by phone or mail