Elisabethallee 61-63, 1130 Vienna

Medizin am Küniglberg

Mag. Johanna M. Hübner

Health Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Emergency Psychologist

Main focus:

Burnout, burnout prevention
States of exhaustion
Insomnia, sleep disorders
Anxieties, fears, panic attacks
Dealing with pain
Relaxation methods
Geriatric psychology
Mental stress in old age
Consultation for relatives (especially for family caregivers)
Weight proplems
Coping with stress, time management

For people with mobility difficulties, visitation is possible (at home, in hospital or in a caregiving institution).


Phone +43 650 862 53 73
Email jh@johanna-huebner.at

Consulting/opening hours

Appointment by phone or mail