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Medizin am Küniglberg

Stefanie Klug MA

clinical psychologist and health psychologist
aviation psychologist

clinical-psychological diagnostics:

  • assessment of level of intelligence
  • neuropsychological screening and follow-up testing with regard to dementia or other neurological diseases
  • neuropsychological follow-up testing with regard to oncological diseases
  • aptitude testing with regard to education and work/career
  • compiling clinical-psychological reports with regard to pilot licensing
  • psychological assessment of possible psychiatric disorders (affective disorders, posttraumatic disorders, burnout, …)

Cognitive training:
Cognitive training is designed to coach mentally healthy as well as mentally impaired clients. It is offered by means of personal interaction, specific computer programs and/or paper and pencil format.

Clinical-psychological treatment:

  • support of chronically ill people (e.g. diabetes, oncological diseases, neurological and psychiatric diseases,…)
  • support and coaching of relatives of chronically ill people
  • grief counseling
  • psychological counselling and crisis intervention:
    • with regard to parenthood (birth, abortion, childlessness, role conflicts, overburdening/ burnout prevention,…)
    • with regard to occupational issues (burnout prevention,…)
    • in times of pandemics (economic, social and occupational problems)


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