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Medizin am Küniglberg

Mag.a Christine Pasterk

Nutrition counselling – individual coaching, group coaching
Occupational preventive health care, public speaker

You want to feel better I be healthy I change your weight?

But: you don’t have enough time, energy or information? With the right know-how, compassion und a huge treasure trove of tips, tricks and steps in the right direction, I can help you achieve your health goals. After an in-depth analysis we will come up with your very own individual complete package of solutions. These are optimally tailored to your own life, taste and needs. I will then support you through the implementation of your individual plan.

I am a biologist, nutrition counsellor and have gathered extensive insight in Medical Sciences throughout my entire professional career in the field of Life Sciences. One of my greatest passion is supporting people in changing their lifestyle, and thus contribute to an improvement in their quality of life. I will provide you with the know-how and empowerment to make conscious food choices and enjoy your meals free and easy.

Individual coaching, group coaching – consultations in the medical practice or online.

Please visit www.pasterk.co.at to learn more!


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